If you require great practical solutions with no compromise to quality

machines with high speed production capabilities at the lowest prices please consider  the equipment and services we offer.                                                  The Evolution machines are designed to be reliable and simple to operate with low maintenance requirements. The simple practical design allows for easy training of operating and maintenance staff


Products Available

Double Station Bonder

This machine can be configured to operate as in-line or off-line system, 3 second Cycle time, Produces DVD 5 & 9, Dummy Disc loading station for DVD5 included. This machine is available configured for one or two injection mould ers or one or two metalizers depending on client requirement for DVD 5 or DVD 9 replication. We offer choice of Scanning device and also we are able to configure the machine to operate with any used DVD capable Moulders or Metalizers



Single Station DVD Bonding Machine

This machine can also operate in-line or off-line and also can be integrated with new or used Metalizers or moulders. The machine is unique in that it has the dummy disc loading station which loads the dummy disc before bonding it to the data disc from the injection moulding machine. This process eliminates the need for the typical flip stations and reduced cycle typically found on other DVD5 production lines available.

All this together with a compact size and fast production capability we hope will make your consideration mandatory!


Modular CD Production System

Again this machine can also be operated in-line or off-line according to clients specification. Again we are happy to supply the machine configured to operate with new or used moulders and or metalizers to suit the machine 3 sec Cycle time.



This is a modular sputtering system capable of sputtering gold, silver, copper alloy and aluminum

targets at a 2.5 second cycle time and can be integrated to compliment any of our CD or DVD replicating systems.